"CARisMA is the fusion between the talented classical guitarists Magdalena Kaltcheva and Carlo Corrieri. The duo is recognized for their outstanding arrangements and compositions as a result from their innovative way of playing the classical guitar. "



432 Philosophy

“There are magic instants when the beauty of the moment can only be perceived and told by ethereal and timeless sounds.”

The music of CARisMA, made of colorful embroidered arabesques and delicate arpeggios as soft as butterfly wings, can be the perfect sound track of those magic instants we call life. CARisMA seem to pass through the gates of time and their music seems a bridge over infinity, which projects the past into the future, where classical music wears the majestic and metaphysical robes of its past, albeit enriched by sonic and conceptual elements pertaining to our times.
In a certain way the sound canvases painted by this duo collect the works of the Renaissance Maestros, if the latter were in search of the golden proportion through the balance of the form, also CARisMA are looking for it through an immortal intonation, like the one with the A at 432 hertz. This intonation, which was the characteristic of the greatest exponent of Italian Opera, Giuseppe Verdi, paints the notes in a mother of pearl nuance and in a silky softness so that when they come out from their guitars they seem as if they had been dipped into the moonlight, by which were influenced the most intimate and inspired auteur melodies.
The ambitious research of the proportio aurea through music mathematics masterfully melts with the sophistication of the duo arrangements, and through a sublime technique that never exaggerates, that never is an end in itself, excites and makes all of us dream, without any distinction. This is the power of music, a universal language that can communicate straight with our souls, that leads us to leaf, through the sense of hearing, the pages that give shape to the canon of beauty.
The fingers of the duo chisel complex sound statues like Michelangelo’s, enriched with fast cascades of notes that then slow down in a flutter, to settle then in a clear harmonious pond, where sensitive melodies are floating, in which each note seems to have been written on the pentagram with the sensitive ink of the heart.
CARisMA, poetry in music where beauty, harmony and sensitivity are narrated in prose by two guitars…it is impossible not to feel moved by all this.

Riccardo Tristano Tuis